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You've been through enough.

Let us handle the insurance company.

You've been through enough.

Let us handle the insurance company.

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McCray Law Office is devoted to a single purpose: representing Michigan policyholders against insurance companies and agents. Its attorneys have over thirty years of legal experience, most of it representing people whose homes and buildings who have suffered losses due to fire, water, extreme weather, and other disasters. During their careers, they have helped turn hundreds of claim denials into millions of dollars for their clients. McCray Law Office only handles insurance disputes and represents policyholders, never insurance companies.

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Doug McCray has practiced insurance litigation for over 24 years. Several of his victories have resulted in important opinions by Michigan courts, including:


  • ​McNeel v. Farm Bureau (Jury agreed that coverage exists despite Farm Bureau's "vacancy" defense); 

  • Johnson v. State Farm (Michigan Court of Appeals rejected State Farm's "statute of limitations" defense); and 

  • Smith v. State Farm (Federal court ruled that policyholder has a right to have the amount of his or her loss decided by a neutral appraisal panel, rather than by the insurance company).

Since 2012, he has run McCray Law Office. Unlike many firms, McCray Law Office exclusively represents policy holders, never insurance companies. In addition to his legal experience, his masters and previous career in biology/biochemistry gives him a rare advantage in understanding losses and deposing experts, especially in cases involving fire, or water damage.​​ . . . Full Profile

Charlotte McCray graduated summa cum laude from Michigan State University College of Law, which she attended on a full scholarship. While there, she served as Animal Notes Editor of the Journal of Animal and Natural Resource Law, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Business and Security Law, Treasurer of the MSU Law Chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and as a teaching assistant in Property. She also externed and was hired as a Temporary Deputy Probate Register/Mail Clerk at the Ingham County Probate Court.

Charlotte began working for McCray Law Office in 2013. In 2015, she took time off to complete law school, then returned after passing the May 2018 Bar exam. She also volunteers with Attorneys for Animals, where she has written on how pet ownership effects eligibility under Michigan's Essential Insurance Act.  

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Free Consultations


You can call us anytime for a free consultation.

Our office hours are 8-5:30 Mon-Fri, and nights and weekends by appointment. We're often working later, and strive to return messages promptly, so feel free to call whenever suits your schedule. You can also reach us at or by sending us a message here.

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Losses can be devastating. The claims process that follows is often stressful, especially if it ends in a denial. You shouldn't have to navigate it alone. We're here to help you with any questions you have. We spend a lot of time speaking with potential clients on the phone, and appreciate when we have the chance to do so early enough to prevent mistakes. We don't charge for these initial consultations.

When we are retained, we work to make payment as transparent and predictable as possible. We generally avoid hourly billing, which can add up quickly and sometimes exceed the value of the lawsuit. Instead, McCray Law Office handles most of its cases on a contingent basis. This means that we are paid a fixed percentage out of the proceeds if and when you are paid by the insurance company or agent. With a contingent-fee arrangement, our financial interests are closely aligned with yours. We like the transparency and predictability this format gives our clients.

We also represent clients on a flat rate basis at Examinations Under Oaths (EUO). This involves a one time fee paid up front for limited representation. Being represented by experienced legal counsel at an EUO can increase the odds that a claim will be paid without a costly and time-consuming lawsuit. If you still have to sue, clients are usually better poised for this because they were represented at the EUO. 

We have also carefully structured our firm to keep costs down, people safe, and to allow us to serve clients throughout Michigan. So far, we've been able to do this without interruption, and look forward to continuing hone our service, whatever the future may bring.

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